Let me get this straight: Joy Brown [“Trapped,” December 13], by her own admission, started seeing this loser on the sly, against her parent’s wishes, even though he was treating her like dirt; made babies with him without even a stable relationship, much less a long-term commitment. Furthermore, when “the system” granted her request for a court order barring Mr. Brown, she helped him openly and illegally flout this decree and even covered for him when authorities found out about these violations. She kept taking him back even when it was obvious that he was using her for a cash cow and sex toy. Finally, she struck him when she’d had enough and lied at a trial. She should be grateful “the system” didn’t decide to add perjury to the charges against her.

Now what exactly is “the system” (read: taxpayers) supposed to do for a case like hers? The only solutions I can determine that could help someone like her would clearly be against the Reader editors’ politically correct sensibilities, like choosing Joy’s mate for her or locking up convicted criminals longer or preemptive incarceration.

“The system” didn’t fail Ms. Brown; she failed herself and the system. Remember, she chose this loser.

Karl Peterson