In your April 28 issue you published a letter headlined “Rey’s All Right” from Michael Jaskula, whom you list as the chairman, 35th Ward Zoning Advisory Committee.

Please consider my brief comments in response to Mr. Jaskula’s letter. Especially the letter’s final paragraph. This is where he critiques “Vilma Colom and her community group.”

From statements Mr. Jaskula has made elsewhere, he is apparently referring to the most prominent block club in the 35th Ward.

As someone who knows well the leadership and members of the group to which he is pointing, I am qualified to report that this group is not “her community group.” It is in fact an independent, unallied group. It is supported solely by nongovernment sources and reports to no politician or power source. This group is funded and directed solely by its members.

Finally, the group does not see zoning in the punitive light in which Mr. Jaskula sees it. It would be a good idea for him to consult the group he’s lambasting about its posting on the Logan Square Listserv rather than making the enormous leap in his revelation that he prefers “status quo” to a zoning philosophy, that he tries to be loyal to the community’s interests over thinly masked private and political agendas.

Gordon K.