It’s been a renter’s market in downtown Chicago since the late 1980s. Even prestige addresses cut deals to attract tenants. And what building has the most vacant space in the city? Sears Tower. Five years after Sears Roebuck fled to Hoffman Estates, the world’s tallest building is still one-quarter empty. That translates to more than 750,000 square feet over seven floors, or about 17 acres. Wonder what you could fit into all that vacant office space?

Chevy Suburban (bumper to bumper)….6,410

Average single-family home (three bedrooms, two baths)….375

Average McDonald’s restaurant….337

Boeing 777 (400-passenger capacity)….18

Illinois grain elevator (1.2 million bushel)….16

Football field….13

Typical Jewel / Osco….11

Harold Washington Library….1

Sears Tower vacant space as of June 1995 (source: Chicago Association of Realtors).

Specific dimensions from primary corporate or government sources.