To the editors:

I just searched through Section 3 of the 9-1-89 Reader, trying to find the Lynch & Whitney cartoon strip. I really don’t appreciate this change, and don’t understand the wisdom of putting the best cartoon strip the Reader offers in some obscure location.

If I’m not looking for an apartment or a car, putting your best cartoon in those places isn’t going to change things for me–except maybe give me a little less motivation to pick up the Reader when the cover story is not of interest to me.

In my opinion, the President Bill series, by Mr. Brown, is not very good. It stretches to be relevant, & ends up insignificant, even trite. It’s about as funny, meaningful & informative as this week’s Life in Hell selection, which amounts to a stupid way to take up unfilled advertising space. I have yet to see a President Bill cartoon worth looking at. On top of this, his timing is way off. The flag issue is way past peak. Of course, I realize it may be your timing, not Mr. Brown’s.

I would like to see Lynch & Whitney return to their rightful position on the first page of section three. Your reorganized index isn’t really any better than the last one, which was adequate, so I’m sure you’ll be able to work out the layout details just fine if you want to.

In general, the Reader is a good piece of work, worthy of high praise, and I applaud the efforts of the Reader management & staff. In my opinion, though, removing Lynch & Whitney from page 1 of section three is a mistake, which I hope to see rectified in the near future.

Phil Albee

W. Sherwin