To the editors:

As a “sometime” reader of your paper I have vowed to STOP in the name of love. Heather McAdams (Christmas in January of the year that was long ago AND is now) [section three, January 25] was the biggest turnoff since the last Edison blackout, which was tomorrow. She should have just dropped the “. . . who . . .” and imply that she would rather marry a WOMAN. I mean exactly what does she expect in a man? (1) Talks about past girlfriends at TV Time or talks about his past BOYFRIENDS? (2) And when the cream is sour who would put that in their coffee? (3) Would she want someone who has VD? Victorians said, Let them find out for themselves and build their “till death do us part” around it, etc.

Why don’t she get to reality or would she prefer to marry a man who is ninth class drunk? Maybe her ideal man has a prison record in which “Tricky Dick” would be HER mate. “Birds of a feather flock together.” And on that note am continuing my Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. inspired boycott of EVERYTHING associated or implied with the word “gay” in it or of the 1984 Orwellian newsspeak of the work “gay” as in “gaiety of the well-to-do.” Drinking and smoking went first. YUPPIE products went next. Dodge cars and GM followed, and now the Reader.

As I stated before a “sometime” reader of your paper as I never knowingly patronized advertised establishments and will now have some idea which to avoid. And I wouldn’t be surprised if I started patronizing Black orientated publications because despite the racial overtones and underclass status they used to be “male into female” body parts orientated while Reader advocates “over the phone even.”

Good buy & Phukc U.

“da Poison Pen”

Aka Secret Agent #666

PS: Ho Ho Ho!