To the editors:

I am writing to express my distaste for the article, “Lot of Trouble” [November 30]. Apparently Mr. Kerson has a simple minded notion of journalism. He attempts to create interest by caricaturizing Ms. Buenger as a fanatic, impractical, idealistic, do-gooder.

I am on the board of the Warner Park & Gardens and have known Ms. Buenger for many years. She is certainly devoted to open lands and very much interested in a community park. I think there is nothing aberrant about that.

Often I visit the Warner Park. Community members congregate there and really enjoy the flowers, the open space, and the companionship. I live in Lakeview on Cornelia. There is no park within walking distance of my home. I certainly wish there were. After seeing the impact of the Warner Park & Gardens on the neighborhood, I think every community in the city should have a park in walking distance.

Ms. Buenger’s lot is small for a park. Adding the lot that was in dispute would make a more adequate park area. Mr. Kerson might have explored the meaning of the park to the neighborhood and the involvement of the people in the Warner Park. Instead he focused on the litigation. Apparently he thought he was watching an episode of Perry Mason instead of reporting on time and energy invested by people to whom the park means something. The whole article has a rather sarcastic tone. I suppose Mr. Kerson thinks that is tough minded journalism.

I think you need to look twice at the people contributing to your paper.

Harold Kassel

W. Cornelia