Toting such a pretentious name would certainly lead me to believe that Michaelangelo Matos would be schooled in the music he or she writes of (“A Couple of Live Ones,” February 2).

The “notorious” Lou Reed Live album from 1975 has no dialogue at all. The writer is, in ostentatious musicoliterary cluelessness, referring to 1978’s Take No Prisoners.

Most rock scribes are content to allow their likewise shallow peers to direct their rantings while failing to put in the time to actually listen to music. Matos’ blunder stems from one of several things, among them:

(1) Not possessing the “notorious” Lou Reed Live and relying on hearsay;

(2) Intoxicated, Matos slapped both records or CDs on one evening and pulled quote from wrong one, even though they are so vastly different it would take at least ten morphine/martini cocktails to mix the two up.

Regardless, we should be happy Matos isn’t covering something important.

Steve Miller

Washington, D.C.

Michaelangelo Matos replies:

I did in fact hear the Reed record in question–on an old, badly labeled cassette a friend copied for me, which is one reason I made the error. (The other is that I didn’t fact check diligently enough; mea culpa.) Still, Steve Miller calling someone “pretentious” based on their birth name is enough to make one glad he isn’t writing about anything “important” either.