Tasneem Paghdiwala:

Thank you for the article on the forsaken breed of pit bulls [“Born Bad?” February 24]. I’ve owned three pit bulls now and would own just as many if all the laws and bad information about them weren’t so ill informed. My last pit bull was just five weeks old when I got him. I was able to keep him only six months before my landlord decided he was too high risk and that her insurance would have to be substantially increased because he was on the property. It truly broke my heart that I had to part with him because of these reasons. My pit bull would run and take cover if I slightly raised my voice to him. No physical contact, just the thought of me giving him a strict command would make him quiver. So I have to disagree with many people that say they’ll “snap.” Think of it this way: if what you’ve been trained to do is be aggressive and kill like Lucky was trained, how are you supposed to do anything besides what you’re trained to do? If people would take the time out to put as much love into these animals as they do hate, then there would be less overcrowding in the shelters. Pit bulls are lovable, just as any other breed. I know, because my pit bulls all loved me back. When a dog wags its tail you know they’re happy. From the time they’d wake up with me until the time I put them to bed they kept wagging.

Tracey Manning

Blue Island