To the editors:

“Brother Bill” and “Gauntlet” in your June 1 issue are antipodes.

The former elicited tears whereas the latter only sadness because, after carefully rereading both, I found the word, love, used 14 times in the piece on Bill Tomes and not once in “Gauntlet.” Karen Hoffman Nolan did, however, use the word, hate, twice. No further comment on the articles is necessary.

To those “Pro-choice” activists who see abortion as the only alternative to a life of deprivation or misery, I suggest they remove their rose-colored glasses. Life is neither a complete comedy or tragedy, but rather a tragicomedy. Utopia literally means no where and people who think we can achieve it by “terminating” pregnancies are myopic indeed.

As long as “Hope springs eternal in the human breast” (according to Shakespeare), all of us should contribute to improving the human condition whether by giving our time, money, knowledge, or yes even love to our fellow men and women who are suffering.

Being a biology teacher, I have always taught my students that most surgeries are a “quick fix.” I believe abortion falls in this class.

Name withheld