To the editors:

Mr. Bill Wyman, I would like to take a minute of your time to let you in on a joke, and from reading your article on Truth or Dare [June 21], I gather that you fell for it. It’s one gigantic hilarious joke! Your article confirmed my suspicions that people in the midwest have lost their sense of humor.

It is also quite obvious that you know nothing whereof you speak. When quoting songs from Madonna’s “rock hits” you mentioned “Get It Together,” it’s actually “Keep It Together,” an homage to Sly Stone and his “Family Affair.”

While it is true that Madonna is without question completely in control of all aspects of her career and most of her personal life, what is not true is that she used this piece of film to manipulate our feelings about her. Instead she used this to poke fun at her own ego, persona, and life-style. Yes, I do feel that many things in this film were staged. Yes, I do think there are some out-and-out lies. But, fortunately for me, I can think past what is being presented to me to find that “Gee, that was staged, I think there is probably something she’s trying to say by staging that.”

You must also admit that there are certain emotions that came through even if the moment had been staged. After all every critic from coast to coast has already stated what a simply horrid actress she is. Or am I supposed to believe that she suddenly was able to change the minds of at least half of those critics? I happen to think she is an underrated actress as is, but I do believe some of the things in Truth or Dare.

It’s true I’ve been a Madonna fan since the very beginning. You might say that I grew up with her. I being 21 now, was a very impressionable 13-year-old in 1983 when “Holiday” hit the airwaves. Although I never felt the desire to wear gloves with the fingers cut from them, mesh shirts, rubber bangle bracelets, or a jangle of crucifixes, I was a huge Madonna fan. I followed her career relentlessly. Just when I would begin to get enough she would do something to get me back into her again. Since 1987 I have collected every bit of information on her that I could find, pictures, quotes, articles, movies, interviews, everything.

It is with complete confidence that I can tell you to get a sense of humor, she was Kidding! Everything she does, with the exception of her charity work for AIDS and the Rain Forests is done with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

I watched Truth or Dare on opening night here in Chicago with another fan, and a nonfan. We all loved it. But while I was watching it, I swear I could almost see her winking at me with a sly smile of someone who knows she got off a good one.

My only disappointment from Madonna came on the 25th of May, 1990. I had spent many hours and given up a day’s work to spend the night waiting for tickets for her concert. I got them, and they were even good seats, 18th row, center. On the morning of the concert I was awakened to the news that her throat was bothering her and she was unable to perform. But to this day I know she could have just stood onstage for two hours and I would have gotten my money’s worth.

Finally to quote Madonna herself, “Even a lie can be telling.” Ain’t that the truth!

Kellie L. Peterson

W. Summerdale

Bill Wyman replies:

Sorry I got the song title wrong.