To the editors:

I am writing in reference to the article “Tina and Rosie Don’t Live Here Anymore”, published April 22, 1988 in section one of your newspaper.

Where is your professional judgment? This is the most malicious piece of journalism I have ever seen. Did Ms. Karczmar ever consider asking some of the people in the neighborhood how they felt, or was she arrogant enough to presume that her opinion was shared by all? I have personally lived next door to Rose and Tina for over two years and am very offended by the portrayal Ms. Karczmar has offered. What is the purpose of this journalistic attack on two little old ladies? It is obvious that Ms. Karczmar knew Tina and Rose quite well at some point, which leads me to ask, what did they ever do to her to deserve such slander?

Personally, I found Tina to be a wonderful neighbor. She has an absolute heart of gold and a kind word for everyone. The only shred of truth to Ms. Karczmar’s portrayal of Tina was the reference to her cooking. She would cook up a storm. Even though she lives on a very fixed income, Tina would bake for every church function, every neighborhood gathering, and every person who came to know her. It was her calling card. She sincerely enjoys doing things for others, and for Tina that comes in the form of baking.

As for the reference to her son and grandson, how dare anyone make such an accusation as “the bottom floor was rented to a man she said was her son.” That ignorant statement offers quite an insight into Ms. Karczmar’s morals and values. What goes on in her life that she is so suspicious and accusing of others?

In reference to Rose, yes, she could be very domineering. However, you never had to worry about having someone at home to accept a delivery while you were at work, or trying to figure out what to do about the mail while you were on vacation. God forbid that someone should be “snooping” around your house while you weren’t home, Rose would have the police there in a minute in case it was a robbery.

Many of the people in our neighborhood have discussed this article at length, and are at a loss as to why such a terrible article was ever written, and to make matters worse, then published. I certainly hope that Ms. Karczmar does not consider herself to be a professional journalist, as it is obvious that she has yet to learn what objective reporting is. At the very least, an apology should be written and published to Tina and Rose. More in order would be a personal apology not only to them, but also to all of us. While Tina and Rose don’t live here anymore, we still do. This is our neighborhood and we take a lot of pride in it, therefore, if Ms. Karczmar can’t say anything nice, please ask her not to say anything at all.

Also, as a closing comment, I would like to request that in the future, if you should decide to take pictures of my home for publication with a slanderous, malicious article that you inform me in advance. I am embarrassed to have my home associated with such a horrendous piece of journalism and take personal offense at being associated with this matter.

Cynthia A. Roberts

N. Cleveland