To the editors:

We appreciate the mention of our magazine, Chicago Enterprise, in the commentary by Richard H. Lerner entitled “How to Save the City Colleges,” which ran in your January 24 issue.

But I must point out a few inaccuracies in the reference. First off, our magazine is not published by the Chicago Association of Commerce and Industry, as Lerner stated. We are published by the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago, a dedicated group of local business people whose focus is promoting economic development in the Chicago area.

The piece he quoted from was our September 1988 cover story on the City Colleges, written by Patrick Barry. In his story, Lerner wrote that our publication had labeled the City Colleges a “make-believe college.” In fact, the actual quote, which came from one of our sources in the story, was ” . . . it is a pretend college with a bunch of pretend professors.”

Janet L. Kalbhen

Managing Editor

Chicago Enterprise

The editors reply:

It was our error, not Richard Lerner’s, that transformed the Civic Committee into the Association of Commerce and Industry. Our apologies to all.