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To the Editors:

If Peter Margasak doesn’t like the latest spinners from the Riptones and the Mighty Blue Kings [Post No Bills, December 5], that’s OK by me. Does he have to entirely bulldoze “Chicago’s small rockabilly scene”(which packs the Deja Vu shoulder to shoulder every month with the Big C Jamboree) in the process?

Perhaps the Kings are the equivalent of Sha Na Na (who were so awful in their day that they played Woodstock just like Hendrix and the Who). Why would I choose to listen to this band rather than Percy Mayfield, Louis Jordan, or Jimmy Liggins? I don’t. I listen to this band along with all the past masters of jump and jive. When it comes time to go nightclubbing, however, I’ll have to choose MBK–because Jordan and Big Joe Turner and Gene Krupa and Red Prysock are dead!!! And by the way, perhaps I just didn’t notice Mr. Margasak in the crowd the last time that the Treniers, Ronnie Dawson, Link Wray, Buddy Greco, or John Mills of the Mills Brothers were playing in our town.

Chicago rockabilly is like a musical cockroach. Disco came and went and came back again. The Seattle thing crashed and burned. Electronica will grab its hat and coat soon enough. I and my “ducktailed peers” are unfazed by time and taste. I moved to Chicago more than a decade ago. And the anvilheads I met then are still supporting the bands they love (the Riptones, the Duvalls, the Three Blue Teardrops, the Bottletones). We would apologize for not being as hip as whomever happens to be headlining the Metro or the Empty Bottle tonight but we’re too busy having F-U-N.

Ken Mottet

Screamin’ Magazine

W. Foster