Chicago Reader editorial staff,

I was disappointed in Sergio Barreto’s story about the Old Town School and Lincoln Square [July 28]. Not only did he misname a growing neighborhood organization (the North Center/Lincoln Square Neighborhood Association), but he also misquoted a member and seemed to portray the association as a cynical group of people who have no idea of how to handle change.

Our association is engaging people in conversation (including Alderman Schulter, who approached me at a table at the Folk & Roots Festival and stated, “If I can do anything to work with you, let me know”) and trying to work with residents, business owners, and elected officials to maintain our neighborhood’s unique character.

While there are contentious issues that may be difficult to resolve in our neighborhood, we don’t need journalists to create false impressions that only aggravate matters for residents who are enthusiastically working to build bonds to keep their neighborhood strong. I question Barreto’s integrity and wish he would do his work in “North Town,” wherever that may be.

Joe Andrews

North Center/Lincoln Square

Neighborhood Association

Sergio Barreto replies:

The quotes in the story are accurate. As for neighborhood names, I’m working on another story about the area surrounding Devon and Western, and I accidentally substituted “North Town” for “North Center.” Sorry for the mix-up.