Dear Editor:

The question concerning Dr. Josef Mengele [November 26] is was he an ethical physician? Were his experiments useful? Mengele delved in hereditary conditions of human pathology. He was a genetic engineer before the term became current. Today, they play with genetics and experimentation for profits and awards. Mengele attempted to understand what caused some awful hereditary conditions.

Some of the conditions he diagnosed could only be stamped out by sterilization. America had sterilization programs in the 1920s, long before Mengele worked in Auschwitz. He would not advocate that mental defectives be allowed and in fact encouraged to breed, as is the sad case with many medical and ethical activists today. We have today cross-racial egg implantations–into the wombs of 60-year-olds! Dr. Mengele would not have so crassly tampered with nature.

We are not aware of what may be going on in laboratories these days. Now we are told that the government authorized the consuming of radioactive breakfast cereal. No matter what may be revealed about crazy tamperings with people by researchers, still, as long as some people want to keep alive the mythology of Nazi beastliness Dr. Josef Mengele will be resurrected. My opinion is that he probably was ahead of his time.

Maj. Donald V. Clerkin


Euro-American Alliance, Inc.