I really enjoyed reading about your frustration in trying to reach a live person at the Sun-Times [Hot Type, May 20].

Remember back when rewrite men routinely answered every phone call, and there were no security guards, and any nut could walk in off the street into the newspaper’s editorial room? At the Daily News, where I was in the 1950s, we talked to them all.

Some people believed the martians had placed wires into their brains. We would assign them to our “martian editor,” who was always the person with the least to do at the moment, and he or she would listen to their story and assure them that the Daily News would see that the martians took the wires out of their brains.

Every once in a while one of these walk-ins would have a real story, so it paid to talk to them.

That’s when it was fun doing what we did.

Ed Baumann