To the editors:

I read your cover story [October 11] on Michael Pensack, the Money-Grubbing Avaricious Pseudo-Humanitarian, dedicated to tenants (in Michael Pensack’s interests), and I feel cheated.

I employed Mr. Pensack about a year and a half ago to help me out of a serious squabble with my landlord after my roof fell in and there was no heat or hot water for about a year and a half, although I was paying approximately $3,000 per month in rent. I paid him a token fee at the beginning, rather embarrassingly low for all the work he obviously was doing for me, unlike the lawyer before him. I would call him frequently for advice and got very good advice and repeatedly asked him to send me a bill for the time. I never got one. I called on several other occasions. I demanded immediate help and advice and got it: but still I did not get a bill. I feel cheated. According to the article I should be financially taken advantage of and used by Michael Pensack for his own avaricious interests. But instead, all he did was help me, advise me soundly, take care of me in a sincere and thoughtful way, while charging me virtually nothing for his time.

How foolish I was after reading the Reader article that I should be really hating him and loving it.

Robert Hartley, PhD