To the editors:

Re: “Mr. Clean, Mr. Machine” [April 3] — ten pages of it was a waste of time, valuable space, and a lot of baloney. And as a matter of fact all your lead stories of ten pages or more are boring — and few are interesting — why not reduce the limit to two to three pages and illustrate with photos — cartoons — caricatures etc. It’s always too much solid print and no one reads it in full.

And as for Fast Eddie for president as “Steve Polydos” writes [April 3] — that will even make a donkey laugh and by the time this letter is published Harold Washington will be mayor and Chicago will be proud — another four years and Chicago will be on top and walking tall, and regained lost prestige and status. It’s truly a great day for Chicago.

And Mr. Mayor please clean up Chicago once and for all, and in all neighborhoods and pep up the CTA — place bus stops where there are none and more bus shelters and keep the buses clean and tell drivers to be more tolerant and courteous and let each driver wear a number so that justifiable complaints can be made. CTA buses are very dirty and I doubt if they get a daily wash?

Let there be more job training programs. Many State Street stores still have a lot of prejudice and pay minimum wages.

Pep up all libraries — where services are “poor” and at some libraries the staff hardly do anything and washrooms are “out of service” almost daily though they were not — and most of the time the photocopy machines are out of order — change them — get new and more reliable machines.

There should be more police “foot patrols” — there are no police around when needed.

And illuminate all streets with proper and adequate lighting please.

Again I repeat clean and pep up CTA once and for all and place illuminated bus stop signs and shelters everywhere.

Good luck Mr. Mayor.

Mac Lakhani

W. Gordon Terrace