To the editors:

It is such a relief when articles like Jackie Stevens’s “The Sexes: When a Man Kills a Woman” [August 28] are actually published–one can breathe an ephemeral sigh thinking that perhaps not all media is censored. Over and again, it surprises me when misogyny is not recognized as such, even when it is so obvious as to be rhetorical.

One problem that Stevens does not address, however, is that men perpetuate atrocities against men, crimes that are often as disgusting as those she described in her article. Men also abuse children. As she herself concluded, men get away with murder. And they are violent in a myriad of ways, outrageously violent when contrasted to the populations of women and children. Aggression may be a natural biological phenomenon. But when coupled with a perverse desire to victimize others, aggression gives rise to misogyny, homophobia, racism, antisocial behavior, psychosis and the rest wrapped up in one.

The most liberal of minds rarely admit that there is a relationship between nonviolent harm and violent harm. And, the media counts on people not making the connection. For entertainment, we are coerced to cultivate the thrill of fear, the enjoyment of watching others getting hurt. It is not beside the point that our media is run mostly by men.

Joan Fisher