Dear Reader:

In David Moberg’s cover report, “All Together Now” (October 17, 1997) on United Power for Action & Justice and the Industrial Areas Foundation, Mr. Moberg writes as follows:

“So far most of the critics are on the Catholic right. Conservative Joseph Morris, for example, alleged in a column in Crain’s Chicago Business that the IAF simply ‘trains people to demand more from government.'”

Although I am, indeed, a conservative, a critic of the IAF, and a skeptic about UPA & J, the one thing I’m not is Catholic. Some of my best friends are Catholic. I, however, am not even Christian. I am a Jew. In fact, I’m so Jewish that I belong to two synagogues and I’m the president of B’nai B’rith, the world’s oldest and largest Jewish organization, in the midwest.

Sorry it took me so long to write, but I’m also an elder in the vast right-wing conspiracy, and, as Hillary Clinton has pointed out, we’ve been busy lately frying other fish.

Joseph A. Morris

David Moberg replies:

As a critic of forced conversions, even if only literary, I apologize for the erroneous information about Mr. Morris.