Misrepresented and Misunderstood

Dear editor,

Why the thoroughly inept Kerry Reid continues as a “theater critic” for the Chicago Reader baffles me. To complain about the “overwhelming gynophobia” of Terrence McNally’s Corpus Christi [July 20] makes about as much sense to me as complaining that Steppenwolf’s Hedda Gabler does little to reflect the African-American experience, or Famous Door’s A Going Concern should have been about Latinos, not Brits.

I hope if Ms. Reid continues with this career choice, she will learn to review the play that is on the stage, not the one that is in her head, or that she wished she would have written. Including statements like “At least gay men can stay in the closet and be ordained. No woman can ever ‘pass’ into the halls of ecclesiastical power” in a theater review shows ignorance of dramatic criticism, not to mention a personal bias that should have let her pass the assignment on to someone else.

If she is pissed off about a script before the play begins, how can she give the production a fair or accurate review?

David Zak

Artistic Director

Bailiwick Repertory

PS: Please thank the staff for running a photo of our upcoming Power Strokes production with the Corpus Christi review instead of the photo sent as requested to Jen Sorenson. Advance publicity is always great.

Kerry Reid replies:

I did not read Corpus Christi prior to seeing the Bailiwick production, though I had read coverage of the original production and the controversy that surrounded it. I have subsequently learned that the juxtaposition of the knuckle-rapping nun with the Crucifixion scene is not in the script. My apologies to Terrence McNally for misattributing Stephen Rader’s directorial choice to McNally’s text.

Jen Sorenson replies:

The photo in question arrived unmarked along with others in an envelope labeled Corpus Christi.