To the editors:

I was disappointed in Steve Bogira’s February 17th article, “The Press: Beautiful Women.”

Mr. Bogira related a conversation with a friend over an article in the Tribune titled “Chicago’s Most Beautiful Women.” The intent of the article was to show that women who donate time to help others have beautiful inner qualities.

Instead of embracing this truth, Mr. Bogira chose to dwell on the race and income of the women highlighted in the Tribune. The attitude he ended the article with was that these women weren’t so great after all because they probably lived in nice neighborhoods, in nice homes, with rich husbands.

Mr. Bogira totally missed the point! The article was a noble effort to applaud qualities in women other than their looks or money.

I can’t speak for all twelve of the women, but I do know two of them personally. Both of them come from modest backgrounds and are presently struggling through college living in a run-down dorm.

The point is that no matter what nationality or how rich or poor someone is, if they help others it is beautiful. One should never criticize another’s sincere effort to reach out to others.

Karen Baxa

W. Carmen

Steve Bogira replies:

You’re right: being white and having money don’t make you beautiful; only more likely to be saluted as such by newspapers.