Shortly after reading a piece on the mix-tape scavenger hunt [“Never Mind LimeWire,” August 12], I was walking down Leavitt, and my boyfriend noticed a faint stencil on a metal shelf attached to an abandoned building. Upon closer inspection, we saw a blue mix tape peeking out of the shelf. We were with my younger sister and had decided to walk to our destination rather than drive. She got very excited, and my boyfriend told her, “See, if we hadn’t been walking, we would never have found this!” His day job requires him to drive wherever he goes, and he has told me before that this makes him feel a little disconnected from the city. “This is exactly why I moved here, little things like this,” he told me. And my little sister couldn’t help but look more closely everywhere we went, in hopes that another little mix-tape surprise was hiding in the shadows. Thanks for running this story, and thanks to the creators of this project–it brightened our day. We plan on planting our own surprise somewhere . . . as soon as we finish listening to our new tape.

Emily Shultz

Chad Cancro

(Finder of said tape)

Ukrainian Village