To the editors:

Many thanks for Fred Camper’s assessment of Modernism’s threat to the totalitarian mind [“Degenerate Art,” August 9]. Immensely readable and full of good sense, Mr. Camper articulates the direction of the artist, whatever his time, which is to discover and act on his interior knowledge–which often can mean closing his ears to the cacophony of the exterior world.

That he and others have found Degenerate Art isolated Nazi actions as uniquely other than our actions was well connected to the Art Institute’s inaction regarding the removal of the Harold Washington portrait. Was the Institute condescending to blacks, saying they couldn’t live with the affront? Or was the Institute afraid the City Council would actually take control of the Institute on the basis that it is located on Park ground? Are we operating on this level of fear in Chicago’s Artistic Community?

Maryrose Carroll

N. Ada