To the editors:

You and Robert McClory have my infinite admiration for the excellent article on radio station WFMT [March 20]. The research, the facts, and the analysis were superb. Publication of the article represented a big step forward in protecting WFMT for Chicagoans.

I have one slight question. Where did the idea come from that the Friends of WFMT have only 36 members? We filed a petition with the WTTW Ownership Board with more than 1,200 signatures. What’s more, we are glad to get new members to continue to help protect WFMT for all of us. Anyone interested should telephone 372-5093. The caller will be answered with a cheery, “Friends of WFMT,” and we will gladly add the caller as a Friend. Just now, we are looking for a new permanent headquarters.

Leon M. Despres

W. Washington