To the editors:

Instead of repairing the damage, the Reader has further injured the children and perhaps the adults too in the Honey picture matter. Mr. Michael Miner, Senior Editor of the Reader, in his November 30 reply to letters from Mr. Crimmins and myself states, among other things: “But I decided that after 14 years in which her picture had appeared on museum walls, in catalogs, and as state’s evidence in a celebrated trial, there was no harm publishing it again (the emphasis is mine) could do to her, if in fact harm had been done her before.” Thus, Mr. Miner reasons that if it was done many times before doing it once more would do no harm.

That is an act of moral turpitude, printed and circulated in Chicago . . .!

How decadent have we become; how deep is our moral illiteracy. Do you people at the Reader really think that if a person has been raped so many times to the point of unconsciousness it is okay to rape that person again because the person will not even feel it? What about your own sense of propriety? Don’t you have a personal sense of what is right and wrong or do you just go by what you perceive as communal customs? You would not have fared well at Nuremberg . . .

Adult exploitation of child sexuality is wrong. It is either a sin or it is criminal or both. No matter whether it is commonly done or not, whether it is called art or printers’ quarrels. No matter whether you are in great needs to increase the circulation of your paper. It is wrong.

Nelson Borelli M.D.

E. Chicago