To the editors:

Congratulations on your recent spate of stories and reviews of rock ‘n’ roll music. Special kudos for covering local music two weeks running! What was once a weekly nod to coverage (anyone remember John Milward?) has deteriorated to a smattering of articles appearing all too infrequently.

It is puzzling why week after week one can find reviews of local theater offerings, movies, and opera while music is given short shrift. It seems a sin the Reader–the cultural rag in this town–has not found the space or the writers to give the musical audience its weekly fair shake. Since a goodly portion of the music/film section features ads by local clubs for local bands, one has to wonder why the music scene itself is more often than not ignored.

In the article on the ACME cassette [Calendar, August 7], Mike Rasfield mentions, “People who would like to hear alternative stuff have no idea that it exists,” and, “I don’t think the real roots of that [bands not getting the coverage they should] has been examined or talked about that much.” I agree, and the Reader has not helped that situation much for the last five years!

How about reviewing local bands once a month? You could cover four to five acts with as little as two to three paragraphs per performance. Also, you could review local records and cassettes. People have been burned so many times by bad purchases, be it record or live local show, that this screening would help make better decisions about who and who not to see. It would give new acts a chance to be reviewed. This goes for solo acts and units of all sizes and musical types.

Please keep up what you’ve been doing lately only expand it and start to pay more attention to the local scene. If you don’t, who will?

Mark Antal

W. Warner