To the editors:

Neal Elliott said in his letter to the editor on June 1st that “You made them (the Rogers Park Tenants Committee) sound like a bunch of incompetent brain-dead evolutionary rejects with their own private agenda” . . . Since when does the truth have to be flattering?

It seems that Mr. Hobson, Kiwanis Playground Supervisor, and the committee are following the “Rules of the Road” rather than the “Law of the jungle.” A citizen feels the need to buy these signs and states certain conditions, but because the committee doesn’t agree, none of the signs get put up.

If the Reader’s quotes are accurate [Neighborhood News, May 11], Mr. Armstrong’s remark that “some of our people think that if we start buying these signs the next thing they’ll ask us to do is buy stop signs and one-way signs” betrays an attitude that is detrimental to accomplishing positive changes in any community, and it does sound like these people are candidates for the brain-dead evolutionary reject category. Another remark from Mr. Armstrong . . . “He didn’t understand our process. My people wanted to talk with him. They felt violated being told what to do.” Are these people getting ready to run for aldermen?

What’s best for a community doesn’t necessarily happen by following the rules. All this energy expended on this issue could be put to better use. Doesn’t the recycling effort need some help?

Donna Gall