To the editors:

The slug of David Fremon’s article in the Neighborhood News section of your July 31 issue (“Try a little togetherness: Hispanic community publishers join forces, seek profits”) would lead the reader to expect a balanced investigation of Hispanic publishing groups in Chicago and their efforts to organize and professionalize.

Nothing, however, could be further from the truth. Mr. Fremon focuses three-quarters of his article on one group, Hispanic United Publishers (HUP), and mentions, essentially only in passing, the Chicago members of the National Association of Hispanic Publishers (NAHP). He then adds injury to imbalance by giving the impression that all Hispanic publishers are self-impressed egotists who relish taking potshots at one another. He does this, in part, by quoting some elusive, unnamed source who is supposed to be a veteran observer of the Hispanic press: “Some of the most entertaining prose in the Spanish-language papers involved one publisher’s grudge against another.”

The Hispanic community and publishing in general would have been better served by a substantive piece on our young and growing industry. This could have been accomplished by delving into the following matters:

8 Circulation audits: NAHP stresses the importance of VAC (Verified Audit Circulation) and ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulation) to its membership. This organization realizes that verifiable statistics, not threats of boycott, are the key to obtaining those advertising dollars that keep us in business. HUP stresses neither VAC or ABC or any other kind of audit for their membership. Mr. Fremon didn’t bother to pursue this important point. Apparently he is not aware of the importance of these audits, even though the Reader’s own VAC audit helped bring in the revenue which paid for his article.

8 Getting the facts straight: Mr. Fremon did not contact the president of NAHP, even though he is the publisher of Teleguia de Chicago right here in our own fine city. Perhaps that’s why he completely missed the following facts: NAHP was founded in 1983; is a cosponsor of the annual National Hispanic Media Conference (1987 conference: April 22-26, Los Angeles, CA); was a gold sponsor of the U.S. Hispanic Market Study by Strategy Research; is a regular participant of the annual conferences of the National Council of La Raza (1987 conference: July 12-15, Chicago, IL) and the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (1987 conference: Sept. 27-Oct. 4, Los Angeles, CA); and is a cosponsor of the International Hispanic Conference and Expo, Oct. 28-31, 1987 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

8 Finally: Mr. Fremon failed to even mention the name of NAHP’s Chicago group. For the record, it’s Hispanic Audited Publications of Chicago (HAPC).

Zeke Montes

President, NAHP

Publisher, Teleguia de Chicago

Carmen Aguilar

Publisher, Momento

Luis Rossi

Publisher, La Raza

Mila Tellez

Region III Director, NAHP

Publisher, EXTRA Publications

Joe Garcia

Publisher, El Heraldo