To the editors:

Regarding Patrick Andres’s letter [October 11], I have to agree that for an “alternative” publication, the Reader pays scant attention to alternative music. It seems that Grateful Dead concerts, new Rolling Stones releases and Madonna movies might best be left for the two dailies to review. One would expect that the little space devoted to music criticism (little compared to, say, the LA Reader) would be used to address music that’s usually ignored by the mainstream press.

Although an occasional Critic’s Choice is given to a new or innovative independent label artist, it seems that only major label artists and blues reissues are covered in Section One. The Reader should be ashamed to be reviewing the new Guns n’ Roses album when the Trib is reviewing the new Tar album and referring to the Jesus Lizard, particularly since these two bands gig regularly at your advertisers’ venues.

Maybe if your critics didn’t sell the indie promos they receive and got out to the Metro, Lounge Ax and other clubs booking new (and not so new) but important artists, we wouldn’t have to–as Art Naebig [Letters, October 18] put it–read about “albums [that] are mostly crap.”

Rick Remaley

N. Lincoln