To the editors:

I would like to thank Mr. John Conroy and the Chicago Reader for tackling the complex story of Josef Mengele [November 26], and for trying to untangle the cover-up of the investigation of the, so-called, Mengele bones.

I am very troubled that the article gives too much credibility to the Justice Department report, but gives no documentation to my opinion and to others who have proof that the bones dug up at Embu, Brazil, are NOT the bones of Josef Mengele.

The fact is that in June 1985 the U.S. justice. Department forensic experts (not CANDLES experts, we were not given any voice in this investigation) stated in their report many details, but no mention of even a trace of osteomyelitis. In November 1985 we had an Inquest in Terre Haute, Indiana. The late Dr. Werner L. Loewenstein, M.D., was the first one to state and prove that the bones could not be Josef Mengele’s. Mr. David Marwell, representing the Justice Department, and some of the forensic experts, such as Dr. Ali Hameli, Dr. Fitzpatrick and Dr. Snow, on a phone conversation with Dr. Loewenstein said that they did not know that Josef Mengele had osteomyelitis, then later denied it.

After CANDLES’ Inquest the U.S. Justice Department, Mr. Neal Sher, stated that Josef Mengele lied about having osteomyelitis. I guess Josef Mengele wanted to enhance his chances of being accepted into the SS since we know that the SS liked only sickly people–of course I am being sarcastic.

The fact is that the late Werner L. Loewenstein, M.D., born and educated in Germany, researched the question of osteomyelitis very thoroughly and this is what he said: “The outstanding German textbook of surgery of that period (1926/27) states that diagnosis could be made only after changes in the affected bone had developed severe enough to be demonstrated by X-ray. X-rays in 1926/27 were still in their infancy and finer details could not be photographed. If bone changes could be seen on X-rays in 1926, some changes/signs should be seen on the affected bone years later. There was no sign of osteomyelitis on the Embu bones therefore those bones are not Mengele’s!”

The second item that I would like to bring to your attention is a speech done by Mr. Dov Shilansky, in May 1991. He was then the speaker of the Israeli Knesset. I was present in 1991 when he spoke at the dedication of a monument to the Mengele Twins at Yad Vashem, in Jerusalem. He said, in the presence of 400 other people, that he has researched the Mengele case and he knew for a fact that Josef Mengele was alive in 1987. United States pressured Israel to shut up. Now Mr. Shilansky does not remember, but I could bring many people who heard him say so.

The third item that I want to discuss is the case of Dr. Hans Munch, the former SS doctor from Auschwitz. I, Eva Kor, and four other people have met with Dr. Munch at his home in Germany which is out in the mountains three hours from Munich. At that meeting I asked him if Hans Sedlmeier and Karl-Heinz Mengele, Dr. Josef Mengele’s stepson, came to see him in 1982 to ask him what would be Dr. Mengele’s chances of acquittal if he were put on trial. Dr. Munch said yes and that they came two times, but Dr. Munch told them that Mengele would be tried both for the selection and the experiments. I asked him if this was strictly a theoretic question since in 1982 Josef Mengele was already dead. He said absolutely not, that Hans Sedlmeier, Josef’s friend and attorney for the Mengele factory, did all the talking and said, “Don’t worry, Josef Mengele is alive and well but is tired of hiding and would like to present himself to a court.” I have all that videotaped.

Let’s look at the Neal Sher version of this part, page 169 of Justice Department Report. I quote: “It was learned that Karl-Heinz Mengele and Hans Sedlmeier met with Munch after the date of Mengele’s purported death. According to Munch, Sedlmeier and Karl-Heinz wanted to obtain Munch’s opinion concerning Mengele’s chances of acquittal if he were put on trial. Munch told Sedlmeier and Karl-Heinz that he had no doubt that Mengele would be found guilty. Not surprisingly, Munch assumed from the conversation that Josef Mengele was alive and that his whereabouts were known to Sedlmeier and Karl-Heinz Mengele.”

There is no dispute that Sedlmeier and Karl-Heinz Mengele visited Dr. Munch after the date that Josef Mengele was supposedly dead. If we are to believe the Justice Department version then they must convince us that Hans Sedlmeier and Karl-Heinz Mengele made a five hour trip from Gunzburg to Dr. Munch’s house twice, to find out if Mengele’s corpse would be found guilty or innocent. Let me make an observation–I, Eva Kor, loved my twin sister, Miriam, very much. I donated my left kidney, but today six months after her death I would not pick up the phone and spend two minutes talking to a doctor to find out if he could have cured her cancer and saved her life, because she is already dead so there is no rhyme or reason for such action. It is absolutely impossible that Hans Sedlmeier and Karl-Heinz Mengele would even spend two minutes discussing the chances for acquittal for a corpse.

Any of the three examples I noted would be enough proof that those are NOT Josef Mengele’s bones. All the hundreds of pages and the thousands of hours of work, paid with hundreds and thousands of taxpayers’ dollars, is a disgrace for our UNJUSTICE DEPARTMENT done in the name of justice and the victims. WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE WE DON’T NEED ANY ENEMIES.

While all these are troubling facts that I described in my letter, the worst part is that this so-called “GOOD DOER, GOOD GUYS” such as Neal Sher, Dr. Snow, Dr. Fitzpatrick and others, who dare say that the thought of finding Mengele and bringing him to justice kept us alive and finding the corpse pulled an emotional rug out from under us. This is a LIE. These are sick and sickening statements. All of you making these statements should be ashamed of yourself. You are a disgrace to humanity. Most of us are working, functioning humans who raised families and contributed greatly to this society. We are proud that we survived and of who we are.

Eva Mozes Kor

Mengele Twin & U.S. citizen