To the editors:

I was interested in your article about the con man who tried to take you for $5.00 [Our Town, February 17]. I was approached by a white guy in Hyde Park a few years ago with the same pitch. My wife was ready to give him some money, but I was suspicious even though he was not bummy looking and spoke in a very sincere-like manner. So no dice.

We saw him a few days later in another part of Hyde Park trying the same pitch on someone else.

And then a few weeks later Mike Royko devoted a whole column to the guy who was reported using this story around town.

What’s interesting to me is how this particular story has gotten such currency. The story always involves a guy who comes from out-of-town, whose car with everything in it has been stolen, and a friend who lives commuter distance out of town.

I think it’s part of the urban mythology. A little research on others who have been victimized, how long this has been going on, and whether there are similar ploys might take a little work, but it would be interesting.

Herb Kalk

E. 59th St.