To the editors:

I read Miner’s column on the time change proposed by Ken Peterson [Hot Type, January 3]. And I am astounded that Miner is thinking with such a self-centered view.

Obviously Miner does not see the positive impact on local economy of watching Ted Koppel at 11:30 PM (which I believe is when all the other time zones watch him anyhow).

The four major TV networks which broadcast from New York would all now have an additional hour of programming to fill for Chicago locally. In my world that translates to money and jobs for Chicago.

I don’t know what an hour of early evening TV air time costs but 4 times 365 is equal to 1,472 hours. Chicago’s four TV network stations would need to produce a lot of new programs to fill that hour.

And his other comment about the sports scores is just dumb. Most of us have cable and we get the latest scores from CNN anyway.

Also the comment about the financial final edition for the Sun Times. The New York, Boston, Baltimore, Cleveland, Washington, and all the east coast papers have the same problem. You mean that only the Sun Times has the final stock market data because of an hour difference? I find that hard to believe in this age of satellite uplinks and high speed computers. I think more people rely on the Wall Street Journal for the stock information than the Sun Times anyway, I do.

I guess what I am trying to say is, I think I would rather have my kids playing outside an hour longer everyday than worry about the media problems in making this time zone change. I wish you guys would be more positive about this idea. Why don’t you do a poll and find out what the people really want? Versus one egotistical reporter pontificating about all the world should center on us in Chicago.

I have talked about this with my coworkers today and many of them are for more sunlight after work. I wish you guys would do a poll and find out if the public would want to have more sun in the afternoon.

Mr. John Venkus

W. Fargo