To the editors:

If “Mr. Fun” Dominowski will be program directing WFMT, then that great station is, for certain, doomed. (Reader, front page, June 22.)

Among other lowbrow remarks, “Mr. Fun” charges that WFMT has been “elitist.” It has. And always should be. The “average” listener does not care for classical music, even when accompanied by traffic reports.

“Mr. Average,” with his limited “average” mind, his limited “average” sensibility–but most importantly, his limited “average” income, is not exactly sought out by big-time advertisers.

On the other hand, “Mr. Elite” is the darling of advertisers–being affluent, smart, educated. If WFMT wants to prosper, it had better go after “Mr. Elite,” not “Mr. Average.” That will not happen with “Mr. Fun” at the controls.

“Mr. Fun” Dominowski answers hard questions with easy answers, such as “That’s subjective.” But whose subjectivity? The man in the street’s? Or the man in the concert hall’s?

Down with mediocrity! Wave high the banner of excellence! Long live the old WFMT!

Royce Wright

N. Dearborn

PS: High praise for that probing, tough-minded interview by Bryan Miller.