To the editors:

Re: “Against Therapy,” December 2, by Timothy Beneke.

Incredible! Jeffrey Masson “has shown [my emphasis] in Against Therapy that Jung himself sexually exploited his client Sabina Spielrein.” Has he found that definitive proof which eluded all other commentators on Jung? And does it prove, finally, that Jung practiced safe sex?

The problem with Mr. Beneke’s response to Ms. Cooper [Letters, December 23] is that he confuses the theory and the theorist. Should we throw out Thomas Jefferson’s work because he kept slaves? Must we stop singing the psalms because David had Uriah killed and then stole his wife? Should we reject Jeffrey Masson’s theories because he may be “diagnosable”?

A bit of a conundrum here. Perhaps it is Mr. Masson’s dilemma as well. He certainly seems to want everyone else, including Mr. Beneke, to muddle around in something with him. What a shame! It prevents him, apparently, from utilizing his analytical training to resolve it for himself, rather than dumping it on the rest of us.

The Reverend John R. Van Eenwyk

Clinical Psychologist

Jungian Analyst