To the editors:

I was truly touched by Grant Pick’s piece about Anna Marie Novak [April 28]. It was refreshing to read a positive lead article for a change instead of the usual (or at least often) political diatribe.

Knowing that a large portion of your readers are middle-class, upscale young people, I really wonder how many bothered to read the article. And how many who did read it were motivated to emulate Mrs. Novak. Of course, many young people are busy with their careers, but couldn’t at least some of them follow Mrs. Novak’s example after they are married? Yes, foster care is not for everyone, but for those with the means and motive, there is no good reason for letting someone else do it. I guess it basically reduces to a question of the heart or, to put it more “scientifically” to a person’s social conscience.

I only wish that I could become a foster parent, but since I earned only $7,000 last year and am forced to live in an 8 foot by twelve foot room in a quasi institution, I am regrettably unable to.

I sincerely hope that the article makes a difference in the lives of the many abused and neglected children of metropolitan Chicago. Too bad you can’t do a survey to determine if it will.


N. Marshfield