To the editors:

While reading Bill Wyman’s “The Four Phases of Pink Floyd” [January 15], I could feel this bitterness building up and up, until pow!–in black and white: “Sure Roger Waters was an egotistical jerk . . .” Jerks one usually equates with perverts, ignoramuses. Not with someone who brings–albeit with his self-indulgences–beauty and brain fodder to millions the globe over. Eat that chip off your shoulder, and lighten up, Dude.

Radio K.A.O.S. is, among other things, a very humorous album. It is filled with blips of comedy and funny sexual innuendo, which apparently sailed clear of your mean, little ears. Waters is writing as an adult for adults.

You say Waters’s voice is cartoonish. I perceive it as endearing, expressive. For once, a Floyd has allowed the listener into some real emotion. What is cartoonish is Billy, the apparent vegetable at the center of the story. But is this theme/protagonist any more cartoonish than Tommy, or Quadrophenia’s Jimmy, or Ray Davies’s Arthur? Why get tied in knots over a work of fiction? K.A.O.S. is not, after all, another exhumation of Waters’s father. And “Radio Waves,” “Who Needs Information,” “Sunset Strip,” and especially “Home,” are classic pop stuff, musically and lyrically.

While the kids, or–as you so offensively put it–“the average Floyd fan [who] isn’t capable of handling advanced concepts like solo careers” are learning to fly with Gilmour, Mason, and company, I will not be accepting “this second-class status” as I eagerly await K.A.O.S. part two.

You got Waters’s number? I’ll call him and tell him so.

Kaye Story

Round Lake

PS: With a name like Bill Wyman, one would think he’d be sympathetic to bass guitarists everywhere.