To the editors:

I have just completed Julie Phillips’s refreshingly tiring essay, “Boomed Out” [July 31]. I’m glad that someone in the postboom generation has confirmed, in public, what we suspected all along: this generation’s cynicism knows no boundaries. What a pleasure to hear the gum flapping of an ill-informed spoiled brat railing against the 60s as if she had any real problems! Too bad she missed the Cultural Revolution, Czechoslovakia, and the Cuban Missile Crisis. She missed all the fun. Ms. Phillips apparently believes the condensed versions of the 60s she hears from her boring gentrified friends. Who does she hang out with anyway? People who think it’s really “radical” to listen to Agent Orange? Well I’m 25, and I don’t give a shit about most of the 60s pop culture per se, although a lot of it was extremely cool. It’s just good to know that someone in our generation can be such a proficient writer and still be really stupid. That’s OK, it’s better to think of things and times and events as neat little packages. They are so much easier to dismiss that way. One thing–you should have changed the title to “Muffy Learns to Write.”

Eric Cassell

N. Hoyne