To the editors:

I am writing concerning your recent article relating to New Age Organizations–occults, if you will [“Our Bodies, Their Selves,” January 15]!

I can’t understand why a responsible publication such as yours would lump all so-called cults into one group. How could you? All are different in great and small ways. For this reason I am writing to you on behalf of Summit Lighthouse, a universal organization of culture, religion and science conceived in order to enlighten Man for the New Day in Aquarius.

Church Universal and Triumphant, Summit University, Summit University Press and Montessori International are only auxiliaries to implement the spiritual desires of Almighty God, I Am that I Am (Exodus 3:13-15) on earth through Mater-Mother.

This will be done through truth, not misconceptions as presented by your article.

Charles E. Whitehead

N. Sheridan

PS: About a year ago [June 12, 1987] one of your writers did an article on black baseball. I was interviewed because of my book: A Man and His Diamonds. The article stated that I was a teacher at DeLaSalle High. No! I was Dunbar High!