To the editors:

It was the redoubtable Brad Sellers, not Scottie Pippen, who made the in- bounds pass to Michael Jordan for the Bulls’ last-second victory over the Cavs [Sports Section, May 12]. Said Doug Collins, Sellers showed “good patience” by waiting for MJ to get open. I’m surprised you blew this one, especially since you wrote that you “never grew tired of watching, through the postgame, the late-night news shows, the sports extras” the Bulls’ play of the year.

Give the Sellers his due.

Fred Lenhoff


Brad Sellers Fan Club

Forest Park

PS: Incidentally, [Ted Cox’s] articles are always a good read; you even manage to make yet another Subbies article bearable. In general, though, let’s have less baseball & more hoops.

Ted Cox replies:

Right you are. Since the return of Scottie Pippen late last year, Sellers has increasingly become the Bulls’ invisible man, and in concentrating on Jordan in this case I fell victim to that flaw of overlooking a player who is easily overlooked, which, of course, is contrary to my assigned duties. I can only hope Sellers doesn’t completely disappear from the Chicago scene come this summer’s expansion draft, in which the Bulls can protect only eight players, putting him clearly on the bubble.