To the editors:

Page one of your July 26 issue contained an unpleasant thought at the end of the first paragraph. It was a prediction that a third Chicago airport would be named in memory of the late Mayor Richard J. Daley. There seems to be a certain political psychopathology in power to insure that we will never hear the end of memorials for Mayor Daley and Mayor Washington. How sickening for Chicago!

A far better name for a third airport would be that of Marconi, the principal inventor of the radio who visited Chicago in 1933. Our official namers didn’t think much of Marconi. They much preferred General Italo Balbo, chief crony of Mussolini, and renamed Seventh Street in his memory. The following year they erected a monument to Balbo at 1601 S. Lake Shore Drive. The monument with its Fascistic plaque still stands as a tribute to Balbo, Mussolini, and the judgment of our official namers.

Stuart Simon

N. Burling