To the editors:

I am the author of the letter published in your August 3, 1990, issue headlined “Fetishists of the Holocaust.” In response to the two letters “Holocaust Letter Not Kosher” and “Confidential to Name Withheld” published August 17, 1990, in reply to mine:

1. Whether Mr. Taber (“Holocaust Letter Not Kosher”) likes it or not, I am from a Jewish family. I went to Hebrew school, (even being elected student council president there one year), was bar mitzvahed, and previously lived in Skokie. Mr. Taber may not like my opinions, but he should be assured that I do exist. The persons described in the two Reader articles I was reacting to were not strangers to me–I even attended school together with one of them. The statement that he makes that “It is inconceivable that anyone whose family was erased in the Holocaust would be so forgiving” is, to my way of thinking, a terrible slander on an entire group of people–many of whom are the most decent and forgiving of people. He says that the “give-away” and “ultimate proof” that my letter was a phony was that it alluded to certain “children of the Holocaust” as reactionary bastards. That was my genuine opinion then and it remains so. The fact that you are the child of persons unjustly persecuted or murdered by fascists in World War II does not give you any kind of license to oppress others. The Zionists who oppress the Palestinians, and who are also active in the U.S. opposing the most progressive elements of the African-American civil rights movement are reactionary bastards–and the suffering of their ancestors provides them with no excuse for being so. Mr. Taber, rather than taking issue with any point I made, simply assumes that I don’t exist.

A staff member from the Reader phoned me after receipt of Mr. Taber’s letter and confirmed with me that I wrote the letter and that the statements made in it as to my family background are true. The Reader has my name, address and phone number, and I stand ready at any time to meet with a legitimate reporter or editor from the Reader (who will continue to maintain the confidentiality of my identity to prevent reprisals from Zionist thugs, such as the Jewish Defense League, who may be most brutal especially towards persons from Jewish backgrounds who don’t agree with them), and supply proof of my family background.

2. Mr. Nyberg’s letter (“Confidential to Name Withheld”) takes a different approach. It concedes that I exist, but proceeds to attempt to psychoanalyze me rather than discussing the issues raised in my letter. He assumes that I have “many problems,” am “confused,” and perceive myself as a “loser” who “endeavors to reestablish his self respect by venting his spleen,” etc. Mr. Nyberg couldn’t be more incorrect. I am a well established and successful lawyer who graduated near the top of his law school class and served on his school’s Law Review. I have an income of approximately $100,000/year, own my own home, am happily married and have a wonderful child. In addition, I am a published author. Contrary to Mr. Nyberg’s assumptions, I already “face the World” with my “head held high!” It is precisely because I do love and honor my “wonderful relatives who were put to death in the holocaust” that I refuse to keep silent when their names and memories are being misused to justify Zionism, today’s most virulent racist ideology.

Finally, I must thank the Reader for providing me with a forum for my deeply held opinions. Most of the media in this country will only allow the expression of opinions that fall within the dominant mainstream of opinion. The Reader has allowed for discussion and debate among persons who truly disagree and in that way serves as an irreplaceable community forum.

Name withheld