To the editors:

I discovered in your column “Nigerian Fraud” (Reader, June 14, 1991, page 51), that you baselessly and lunatically framed your story to undermine the image and reputations of all Nigerians. Furthermore, you purposely, without any judicial right, orchestrated a ground under which you and your people could use to assassinate the characters of those who do not bear grudge.

What concerns me most is not your ambiguous story, but the intent to solicit supports from the Cleveland and Chicago police departments for a continuous discrimination against Nigerians in this country.

If you deny of not judging Nigerians on the basis of their race, color, creed, and nationality, then by paying deaf ears to American Frauds such as Public Aid Frauds, Corporate Frauds, and the new immigrants rip-offs, you can never be excused from being a racist.

Prince Sunny Edemidiong