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To J.R. Jones:

I greatly enjoyed your Three Stooges piece [“Idiots Savants,” July 2] (too bad I no longer live in Chicago, so I can’t attend the screenings), but I’m sure I’m not the first to tell you that you’re wrong in reporting that the amazing “You Nazty Spy” was never part of the syndicated TV packages. Both it and its brilliant companion piece “I’ll Never Heil Again,” which also presents Moe as a faux Hitler, were seen many, many times on television by myself and many other Stooges fans over the years; one station that aired it frequently was Channel 32 in Chicago, which used to broadcast the Stooges nightly in the early 80s at about about 10 PM (right after The Honeymooners), a time slot that shows the station programmers were aware that the Stooges had a lot of appeal not just for kids but for working stiffs and illegal substance-imbibing college…

Anyway, you and Jonathan Rosenbaum are one hell of a tandem, and the envy of those of us who don’t have the freedom to write such lengthy and impassioned essays for our own dailies.

John Beifuss

Film writer/reviewer/ whatever you call it

The Commercial Appeal

Memphis, TN

J.R. Jones replies:

Thanks for the correction; I should have checked my facts more carefully.