To the editors:

Recently in the Reader July 17 issue I read an article concerning the conflict of the Sheffield Neighborhood Association and dog owners in the community [Neighborhood News].

This weekend July 18-19 was the SNA’s largest annual fund-raiser the Garden Walk. And frankly I’m fed up with the attitudes of the SNA.

I have lived and worked in the Sheffield for 19 years. I have worked in the bars and restaurants here for 12 years. As a resident who works in the neighborhood I have attended several SNA meetings and read its newsletter regularly. I am also an active member of a couple of local business associations. The Sheffield Neighborhood Association has become a group of self-righteous individuals that encourages the deterioration of the restaurants and bars in the community.

It essentially discourages dialogue among neighbors and the hospitality industry by telling people at their meetings and printing in their newsletter how to put neighbors out of business by voting them dry. This action pits neighbor against neighbor.

They encourage neighbors to call the Liquor Control Commission and print the commission’s number. It never encourages a community dialogue. This promotes an adversarial rather than cooperative stance.

They promote permit parking, with no moderation at all, despite entreaties from the RANCH Triangle, Wrightwood Neighbors, and the Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce, which hurts the entire business community.

Now for the ultimate hypocrisy they can somehow justify closing streets, creating traffic and parking problems attracting thousands of people to what they call “a congested area.” Then they staff their booths with untrained volunteers to sell hundreds of kegs of beer while overserving people in the process. I see people with alcoholic beverages in plastic Rolling Rock cups drinking on the streets of Lincoln, Webster, and Armitage.

The Sheffield Neighborhood Association and their members regularly accuse the bars and restaurants of contributing to public urination, noise, and vandalism. If you really believe this, why is it OK to contribute to this yourself?

If you are not going to support the viability of the taverns and restaurants in your own backyard you should abandon using restaurants and the abuse of alcoholic beverages to make your money. You should not solicit advertising nor should you accept money for the Trebes Park restoration from bars and restaurants in the community.

In reference to dogs in Trebes Park–I believe there’s a shortage of recreational space and what we have needs to be used recreationally by all. Mr. Lawson and Mr. Wrobleski, Trebes Park is not meant to be the Botanic Garden of the SNA. It must be used, there will be some abuse, so, adopt it, maintain it, and give it back to the entire community.

Until you embrace and work WITH ALL MEMBERS of the community rather than eliminate those you disagree with you should not call yourself a neighborhood association.


Armitage and Fremont