To the editors:

As a resident of the Graceland-West Community and a mother of a 7 yr old daughter who gardens regularly with Lois–I would like to commend Roger Kerson’s article “A Lot of Trouble,” Nov. 30th Reader. The writer obviously did his homework and spent years documenting this amazing story.

And what is amazing is a very special neighborhood that exists in this city. Knowing people like Lois and Tim McGonegle makes you take a step back and reevaluate your own values.

Winick & Leitson suing Lois and accusing her as a “zealot” is totally absurd! Lois wears second hand clothing, drives a car with its muffler falling off–and lives constantly “broke” because her priority is paying an over $800 a month mortgage payment on the lot which now is “Warner Park & Gardens.” The neighborhood children of all colors and all economic backgrounds and all IQ levels–are the same at Warner Park & Gardens–all little gardeners–who have the fortune to grow up in the city–in an open space!! Is that so much to ask for??

All Winick & Leitson were doing is suing a community and a woman that deserves sainthood! Winick & Leitson don’t understand that GRACELAND WEST is “pleased and proud of” being able to have an open land space in our community–we are all enjoying on a daily basis.

Sorry guys–by suing this community you ruined your own reputation!

Marlene Granacki

W. Berteau

(Fund-raising chairman to build a GAZEBO)