Dear editor:

Mr. Rosenbaum refers to Norman Podhoretz and Christopher Hitchens as “neoconservatives” in the review of the movie about Chomsky [February 7]. Quitting the Nation and not joining the anti-Iraqi-war movement does not automatically convert Hitchens to a conservative, neo or otherwise. This is a crude, simplistic judgment. Probably politics is not Mr. Rosenbaum’s forte.

Olaf Mend

W. Patterson

Jonathan Rosenbaum replies:

When Christopher Hitchens wrote in the December 2001 issue of the Atlantic Monthly that “there’s a distinct similarity between [Chomsky’s] worldview and that of the religious dogmatists who regard September 11 in the light of a divine judgment on a sinful society,” I thought he somehow belonged with Norman Podhoretz. Maybe that doesn’t make him a neoconservative, but he sure isn’t what I’d call an intellectual or a leftist.