In “Pie in the Sky?” [March 9], Dan Bobel [of Goodness Greeness] says, “What we’re doing now was exactly how produce was done 20 years ago on South Water Market.” Well I am sure Dan is well aware that the South Water Market merchants are still doing business “that” way only now much more efficiently.

In November 2002 the SWM changed its name to Chicago International Produce Market and moved into a new state-of-the-art facility at 2404 S. Wolcott, in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood, to better service their many customers. Customers, which included most of the city’s finest restaurants and stores, from the smallest corner bodega to the largest chains, as well as Goodness Greeness. There are 22 separate merchants, each offering a wide variety of the freshest fruits and vegetables in the midwest. Many of these merchants specialize in organic produce sourced from all over the globe as well as regionally grown items.

The farmers have not abandoned the market, quite the contrary, the new facility coupled with a dedicated union workforce have made a more efficient and opportune partnership with local growers then ever before.

Rick Kurzydlo

Teamsters Local 703W. Greenleaf