To the editors:

In this day and age, I find it just a little hard to believe that those people on the Chicago Tribune’s editorial and writing staff wouldn’t have heard those comments from the Rodney King incident’s transcripts [“Hot Type,” July 26]. If not from the newspaper, then from television reports. Or are we still in the days of print media people snubbing the electronic medium and vice versa?

Also, if Mike Royko’s column had been read from beginning to end the first time, the satire would not have been lost, not one iota (For the record, I, myself, am a black male). If anything should have been censored, it should have been Norman Dog’s cartoon that appeared in the same edition with the Royko story. In light of the Milwaukee murder case, I found the “Trim 20% of the staff” cartoon in VERY poor taste. Surely there was enough time to cut the strip with an explanation as to why it didn’t appear that week.

Willie Holmes

S. Saginaw