To the editors:

Life in the 1990s is tough enough. Where would we be without the forces of political correctness telling us what we can and cannot say?

Let me see if I have this straight: No white man may satirize or criticize any person of another race because, as everybody knows, white men occupy all the seats of power.

Neither can a man lampoon the behavior of any woman, thanks to the male gender’s lengthy resume of oppression and domination.

So under this new PC formula, it doesn’t matter that Dorothy Tillman sets new standards for ludicrous behavior from an elected official [December 20]. As a woman and a black, she is doubly shielded from any form of disparagement.

How unfortunate that NOW and the NAACP have turned truth, reason and the English language inside out in this ham-handed pursuit of equal treatment for all.

Thanks to the Reader for remembering that little thing about freedom of speech.

John Rausch

Arlington Heights

The editors reply:

For the record, the group that led the protest was named the African-American Unity Coalition. To our knowledge the NAACP never commented.